What clients have said about Richard Dover

"When looking for the perfect music for our productions, we need look no further than Richard Dover. He always makes the pictures sound better"
Helene Fokdal, The_Field Video Productions.

"When editing music for fashion shows and commercial events I have to work quickly due to often seemingly impossible deadlines! Being able to offer much more than a simple edit facility is very important to me and it's Richard's ear for musicality, mood and inventive sound that gives me just what I need. Augmenting existing tracks, creating ambiences, loops, time stretches, etc as well as making seemingly impossible edits, he makes the finished tracks sound as though they were written that way. He is fast and flexible and ensures that I achieve my creative vision every time. He is also a decent bloke and the nearby pub is great too!"
Sean Canning, Show Director and Choreographer, eight-freestyle.

"His musical sensitivity, creativity and modern approach to recording and production techniques importantly guarantees the integrity of the song, yet raises it to a different level."
Chris Spencer, A&R Stubborn Records.

"Our client was delighted with the musical balance and musical interpretation of the scenes".
Alan Davies, Senior Partner, TVA Care.

"How do you compose music to accompany a live scene depicting the evolution from the very beginnings of life in the sea to the life on earth we know today? Simply commission Richard Dover. The scene took on a whole new dimension and became charged with emotion."
Mike Richmond, International Festival of the Sea.

“Richard's skills as a record producer are more than impressive. From first having the artistic vision to see the potential in the song, he then went on to imaginatively and creatively articulate that vision in the studio, in my case turning a raw demo into a work which is

professional and which I'm genuinely proud of. Using the full range of traditional and state of the art production tools and techniques, as

well as drawing on the artistic abilities of highly-respected session

players where necessary, his approach was always meticulous. He's also, it turns out, a great person.”

  1. -Jeremy Bradford, Singer/Songwriter.

“To me, what Richard has acheived with 'Bottom Line', both aurally and in terms of how he heard my burden in song and took it to himself, is astounding.

When a very personal song is written and placed into the trust of another to arrange, perform, record and produce, there can be worries for sure; about instrumentation for instance, the ambience of the studio, the all important final mix and a hundred and one other things which may become apparent during the recording process.

And then... you hear the playback for the first time. And it's perfect in every way.

In 'Bottom Line' for me, it's the way the bass kicks into the first chorus, the sweetness of the intertwined guitars against dulcimer, the sublime piano melody and the way Richard manages to extract a melodious noise from my voice and meld it with the arrangement so seamlessly.

Both the writing and the recording of this particular song has been very moving for me. It came in simple form and from a place of much hurt. Richard has captured that hurt as if it were his own, bottled it, consumed freely of the bottle and somehow turned 'Bottom Line' into a thing of great beauty.”

  1. -Pete Burns, Singer/Songwriter.

“Richard took my songs in a raw acoustic state and turned them into something special.

From arriving at his door the enthusiasm he had for the project and his professionalism shone through.

I very much wanted the stories behind the songs to be the main theme. I gave him a free hand with the musical interpretation and structure. He didn't let me down.

 The outcome has been two very different tracks of which, I must say, I am immensely proud.”

-Ian Kinsella. Singer/Songwriter.

What the press has said about Richard Dover

"super smooth instrumentation and production."

"Splendid stuff indeed."

"It is difficult to believe that this is a minor label release."

"Innovative studio techniques. The instrumentation polished and the production of the highest standard. This album sounds like it is the product of one of America's finest studios."

"Intuitive production values of Richard Dover."

"Sustained excellence."
Made on a Mac