Mixed and mastered at the close of 2008. ‘Back to Back’ is the culmination of a twenty years old dream and a year and a half’s work.

“I have worked with Chris on many projects over twenty five years. Just for fun, we have written together on a couple of occasions. It was regularly suggested that we should record an album. After all these years this is it.”

The only preconceived idea was that the album would be essentially instrumental. Apart from this broad concept, the project was to be without rules. So started a creative journey with an unknown final destination and some suprising detours on the way.

Clips from the album

Consider this, Richard spent his formative years listening to the Beatles, Elgar, Grieg and John Martyn. On the other hand, Chris was listening to Wes Montgomery, Charlie Parker, Pat Metheney and Bob Marley. Imagine these two meeting in the dark! Well meet they did and the result exemplifies the notion that the boundaries between musical genres are soft, wide, giving and potentially explosive. Listen for yourself.

Back to back is also available, in MP3 and streaming format, as an album or individual tracks , at the following reputable sites:

Richard and Chris ‘sketching’ January 2008.

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