"I think I must have been nine years old when my father gave me my first guitar. I know now that it was his way of diverting my attention away from wanting a drum kit. His tactic worked, well, for a while anyway. I shall be eternally grateful for his fear of my bringing a drum kit home."

Richard's first tentative steps into a world of music were made with the aid of various items of percussion which he played in the junior school band. That first guitar changed his life. Several guitars later, and by the age of sixteen, he was catching the bus to any folk club he could to perform floor spots. He now needed to record all the songs he was writing, and an all consuming interest in all things audio became his passion. His studio today is a far cry from those early days of recording onto one portable cassette recorder, playing back the result whilst accompanying it on another instrument and recording onto a second portable cassette recorder.

" The number of overdubs was limited, but only because the original recording finally disappeared under a sea of tape hiss. The process was no less exciting than than it is today. I learned a lot in those early years."

As well as performing solo, he served the standard apprenticeship and played in many and varied line-ups, from folk to rock. In the early eighties he joined a country band which was embarking on a British tour.

" Whilst I enjoyed the energy of the live thing, life on the road didn't suit me and I missed the studio environment."

By the time Richard recorded his debut album, he already had his own multitrack studio. But, seeking sonic perfection, he recorded elsewhere on an early AMS audiofile digital hard disc recording system. CDs were the new medium and his debut album 'What You Make It' was independently released in 1988 on CD. After signing to a record label, Richard travelled to Germany to remix the album. 'What You Make It' was re released in 1990. 1992 saw him co-writing with Swiss musician Benoit Corboz and working with French producer Jacky Sanders. Continental radio stations were paying much attention to Richard's work and, in 1993, he set about writing his second album whilst living in the south of France. 'Scared Myself Alive' was recorded in England in 1994 and distributed to continental radio stations, consolidating Richard’s popularity with Swiss radio listeners. A third album, 'Making Out' was recorded in 1997. One track, 'Too Much To Ask', co-written with guitarist Chris Dawkins, was played on Geneva's Radio Lac 650 times in one year alone! Later in 1997, out of a need to try some new production techniques,  the EP ‘Gallery' followed. In 1998 he collaborated with No 1 Spanish recording artist, Alex Warner, co-writing and producing 'Time For Life'.

In recent years Richard has composed music for scores of projects as well as designing audio for many applications, including designing the soundscape for the backdrop on Westlife’s ‘No.1s’ tour and Blue’s ‘Guilty’ tour. In recent years he has been more involved with his first love record production, producing Rob Cowen's debut album 'The Other', released in March 2004, which received much critical acclaim in music press reviews. Following on from that acclaim, Richard worked with Beverley Craven who featured on his next production, Rob Cowen's new single, 'Lady Advertiser'. ‘Lady Advertiser’ provided new impetus and a benchmark for future Rob Cowen productions. The acoustic route was pursued and the delightful ‘Storm Coming’ EP was the result.

The recent collaboration with long time friend Chris Dawkins, has seen the fruition of a 20 years old dream to write and record an album together. “We decided to embark on this project without rules, with the exception that it was to be essentially instrumental.  It has been a great musical journey. The combination of influences has produced some extremely exciting results. We should have done this years ago.”  The album was released in Spring 2009.

" The pursuit of perfection can only lead to improvement and, whilst there is no such thing as the perfect production, it doesn't stop me striving for it."


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Making Out




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