The Studio

The studio is of the very latest digital technology, its core system being the

                    most up to date version of Apple's Logic Pro, the industry

                    standard in audio and midi production, supporting surround

                    sound and Protools. Sample accurate audio editing and

                    synchronisation to moving picture affords seamless audio post


All the major sound modules with an almost limitless library of instrument

                    samples and sounds. There is a huge collection of sound

                    effects for dubbing and audio reinforcement.

Automation is the key to repeatable processes. Every aspect of the system

                    from basic mixing tasks to dynamic effects processing is fully


Additional valve technology is available for 'that' sound as well as much

                    vintage outboard gear for projects with special demands.

Flawless sonic imaging of the highest quality is guaranteed with monitoring

                    you can trust to be true to the source audio.

The studio is in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National  Park. Inspiration is 

                    an essential prerequisite of the creative process and there is

                    nowhere more  inspirational than The Yorkshire Dales.


Recently the studio has undergone a major transformation and occupies new space. The work has taken 6 months to complete resulting in a new delightfully creative environment.

A blank canvass. A roof space measuring 7.8 metres x 5.0 metres divided into three equal spaces by beam structures. Beyond the beams is the northern third of the roof space which will eventually become the control room.

The skeleton takes shape. The new ring main is yet to be installed and every void to be filled with soudproofing. This shot is taken from what will be the recording booth. Note the gap for the door which will need steps to negotiate the immovable cross beam. The recording booth will also have a false ceiling installed and an equipment store at the far end of the photograph.

The joists for the false ceiling in the recording booth are in place. Note the soundproofing already installed above. The new roof void will be boarded and additional soundproofing installed between the joists.

In the recording booth, the new south facing window is set in a limestone wall which is 0.8 metres thick! The hole for the electricity feed took 5 hours to drill.

Conducive to creativity, the spacious recording room is moody and relaxing. Its anechoic property guarantees beautiful acoustic recordings whatever the source.

The control room affords every comfort with a soft furnished area for relaxation and reflection.